Bylaws of the Piedmont N Southern Model Railroad Club

Adopted September 9, 2009 

I. Purpose  The purpose of the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club is to promote the hobby of model railroading through the creation of an N scale model railroad layout built to Ntrak and/or Bend Track standards. This layout is intended to be displayed to the general public. 

II. Eligibility  Membership in the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club is open to anyone with an interest in the hobby of model railroading in general and N scale model railroading in particular. There are no age, race or gender restrictions. 

III. Classes of Membership There are three classes of membership: Regular, Junior and Associate.  Junior membership shall be available to minor children under 18 years of age. Associate membership shall only be available to people who wish to participate from time to time in club activities, such as train shows, who live 50 miles or more away from Greer, SC or who for good reason cannot attend club meetings on a regular basis.  

IV. Initiation Fee There shall be an initiation fee of $30 for Regular members to cover startup costs for the Piedmont ' Southern Model Railroad Club. This covers costs for materials for the first Four foot Ntrak module constructed by the club. 

V. Dues Dues shall be $10 per month for Regular members, $2 per month for Junior members and $1 per month for Associate members. Dues are due by the tenth day of the calendar month. 

VI. Charter Members  A charter member shall be defined as an individual who joined the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club as a Regular member on or before December 31, 2009 and has paid the initiation fee and applicable dues. 

VII. New Members  There shall be a trial period of three months after a member joins during which the prospective member can determine if membership is desirable. Also the  members of the Piedmont and Southern Model Railroad Club shall determine if the prospective member meets the approval of the club. After this trial period, a vote of two thirds majority shall be required to accept or reject the prospective member. If the prospective member decides not to continue their membership or is rejected by the club members, their initiation fee and paid dues shall be refunded. After the trial period, no reimbursement shall be made except by two thirds majority vote of the membership. 

VIII. Obligations of Members

  1. Regular members are expected to participate in club activities to the best of their of their abilities and personal schedules. If it is determined by vote of a two thirds majority of the club that a member  is not doing so, the membership shall be terminated. Associate members are not required to participate in club activities.
  2. If it is determined by a vote of two thirds majority that a member is not suitable for continued membership for any lawful reason, their membership shall be terminated.
  3. Failure to pay dues for a period of  three months after the due date  will be cause for termination of membership. However, under special hardship circumstances, the membership may vote on a waiver of up to six months.
  4. Any individual who resigns or whose membership is terminated for any reason shall forfeit all rights of membership, including any share of the club's assets.

IX. Amendments  These bylaws may be amended  as the membership deems necessary. Members shall be notified of any proposed amendment(s) not less than seven calendar days before any vote is taken. Approval by a two thirds majority of voting members is required before the amendment(s) take(s) effect.